When you obtain a new hosting account, your payment is processed, your account is set up and as automated as the entire process may be, there are always some things that are conducted personally. For a virtual or a dedicated server there are even more jobs to be done since these types of website hosting generally need a manual setup, software installation & configuration, checking the server setting so as to make sure that all things are working the way it should, etcetera. To fund the cost for the time and efforts all of these duties take, most companies collect a one-time set-up cost to be paid by their customers in addition to the charge for the shared hosting. The fee often applies to any new hosting account being bought and it's rarely given on the company’s website, yet it appears on the checkout page.

Setup Fee in Shared Hosting

We do not charge anything in addition to the price of the shared hosting plan that you pick, thus you will not have to pay any sort of installation costs or any other costs different from what you've already found on our main page. We consider that being honest to our clients is of crucial importance to establishing a long-lasting business partnership, so we will never require that you pay obscured charges of any type, especially for something that is almost completely automated and normally requires several minutes to be executed by our platform. You won't pay set-up costs even if you buy multiple accounts and they'll all be completely active immediately, so you'll be able to begin creating your sites. The total amount of money that you'll need to pay for any of our packages is the very same that you will find on the main page.