The World Wide Web employs unique numbers called IP addresses and each unit or web site that is a part of the Web contains this type of an address. It would be very hard to remember to visit to load a website though, because of this a much easier system was made in the 80s - domain names. Each and every domain is made of a primary part plus an extension, for instance or A number of extensions exist worldwide - part of them are assigned to countries, like in the aforementioned example, which is given to the United Kingdom, while many others are generic, like .com or .net. A number of extensions are available for registration by any entity and others have specific requirements - business registration, regional presence, etcetera. You are able to obtain a brand new domain name through a registrar organization such as ours and when the extension supports domain transfers, you can relocate an existing domain name between registrars too.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Shared Hosting

If you purchase a shared hosting plan through us, you will be able to pick from over 50 domain extensions for your new domain name - both generic and country-specific ones. We can provide an almost immediate registration service because we partner with an approved ICANN registrar - the organization that controls the domain system worldwide. Once you obtain a new domain name, it will be activated within a few minutes, so you'll be able to begin working on your website straight away. You can also transfer an existing domain name that you have ordered using another company and control it from one place with the web hosting space for it on our end. Our state-of-the-art Domain Manager instrument gives you full control over your domains - renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, customized records, forwarding, WHOIS details management, and much more.