A secure web application firewall program

All our shared hosting packs include ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a little Apache module that does an essential job – it acts as a web application firewall program, successfully shielding all your websites against hack assaults. And everything happens immediately, without you having to configure or set up anything. Your websites will become guarded the minute you host them with us.

Data Backups

Your web site content can be restored whenever you want

No site is defended against hacker attacks. Your site might be affected even by accidental content deleting on your part. With our data backup service, we can easily retrieve all your site content at any time. In addition to the regular server backups that we are creating, you can yourself make manual backups of all your site content with just a mouse click through the File Manager, which is conveniently integrated into your Web Control Panel. Just generate a compressed archive of the folder(s) that you want to manually back up and put it in a location of your preference.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–drive–based cloud hosting servers

All our shared hosting servers boast solid–state drives instead of regular hard drives. Solid–state drives boast much faster read/write speeds, which suggests that your site will open much faster. Absolutely no extra website modifications are required.

With the exceptional Internet connectivity possibilities provided by each of our cloud web hosting Data Centers, your web site will begin to open considerably faster once you turn to our hosting services.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Don’t worry about your websites hosted on our cloud web hosting platform

We have created our very own shared hosting system where performance durability is the prime concern. Because the service load is equally distributed across a number of machines, your sites will keep loading unbelievably quick even if the server is overloaded. This also suggests that the web hosting platform is far less vulnerable to hack or distributed denial–of–service attacks.

24x7 Support

Contact us around the clock

You can get in touch with us 24x7x365 with any questions that you may have with regard to our shared hosting solutions. You can contact us via e–mail and via the ticket system and we’ll respond to you within maximum 60 minutes. As a matter of fact, our average response time is less than twenty minutes. Moreover, you can telephone us or use the online chat service during business hours.

Web App Installer

An instant installation of online blogs, online photo galleries, etcetera.

Using the 1–click Web Apps Installer tool integrated into the Web Control Panel, you can put your own fully fledged website online within minutes. With a single mouse click, your personal diary, discussion board, online photo album or shopping portal will be launched and will be ready for use. Pick your application, add a few details related to the new web site and push the Install button. We will take care of everything else on your behalf! More than 40 applications are available for you to pick out from.

Web Stats

Keep an eye on your websites 24/7 from your Control Panel

The Web Control Panel includes an array of thorough web statistic tools that will provide you with in–depth info about your web site. You’ll be able to monitor your website’s traffic in greater detail and discover everything related to your website visitors – where they come from and what device and browser they’re utilizing. You can select between 3 tools – the famous AWStats and Webalizer tools and a new full–featured web analytics user interface that we have made with your tips and opinions in mind.

Email Manager

Your one–stop e–mail management tool

The point ’n’ click E Mail Accounts Manager will help you create brand new mailboxes, set custom auto–response messages, forward electronic mails, set up email filters and also modify the anti–spam protection levels without difficulty. What’s more, if you happen to be more competent, you can in addition use the integrated sender address forgery protection option.


Full–featured & scalable hosting services for your dynamic web sites

Our shared hosting solutions allow for much quicker site loading speeds and a better scalability. The server load is spread among several machines instead of a single one, so you will not be affected by server load issues and routine maintenance procedures. Every single cloud web hosting pack comes with a point & click Web Control Panel available in more than ten different languages and with a Web Apps Installer tool, using which you can build personal blogs, social networks, image galleries, and so on. If you are not delighted by the actual service quality for any reason whatsoever, simply make use of the 30–day money–back guarantee.

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